CosmoDoggyHugs: Happy Easter From These Cute puppies

A video filled with tenderness for the whole family to enjoy on this special Sunday.

Happy Easter

🐶 #HappyEaster !!! #JoyeusesPâques !!! #FelicesPascuas !!! 🐶
CosmoDoggyHugs to everyone!!! via @YouTube
— CosmoDoggyLand (@CosmoDoggyLand) March 27, 2016

CosmoDoggyNews: Cuteness Overload At The Puppy Bowl

Like every year just in time for the Super Bowl, Animal Planet is broadcasting the Puppy Bowl, one of the most important pet adoption events in the world. 

In its XII edition, on February 7 from 3-5 PM ET/PT, the show will showcase puppies, coming from 44 rescue groups from over 25 states, a half-time show brought by kittens, and among others delicatessens, the chicken cheerleaders. 

This year, to experience even more cuteness, the show will be available in 360-degree videos so you can be in the middle of the action through 360° Virtual Reality. 

To enjoy the show, you can visit the Animal Planet website, Youtube, or download the Discovery VR app for Android and iOS on your mobile phone.  Explore the ways to watch Puppy Bowl Virtual Reality.

You can also learn more about dog breeds and find your perfect match, and then log in and create your own team by visiting the Fantasy Draft, where you can see the puppies and participate in the games.

And the most important thing...Get inspired and adopt!

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CosmoDoggyHugs: Happy Father's Day- Bonne fête des pères

Fathers, always sharing wisdom without ever neglecting fun.                      Español  
Happy Father's Day                                                                   

Pères; ils partagent toujours leur sagesse sans jamais négliger le plaisir.  
Bonne fête des pères  
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CosmoDoggyHugs: Cute Pups With Easter Bunny Ears

Enjoy these cute pups wearing bunny ears to celebrate Easter!

Amusez-vous avec ces chiots adorables en celebrant Pâques!

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To All Those Who Appreciate Love, Happy Valentine's Day

We Celebrate Love

Because CosmoDoggyLand is all about four-legged friends that remind us of the important things in life..., we Celebrate LOVE 

Happy Valentine's Day

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And...One of the most famous furry movie kisses.    

PAWPARAZZI :) Happy Dogs In Australia

Malibu Dog Training 
Emulating the Pharrell Williams'  "Happy", which is the first 24-hour music video, "Happy Dogs In Australia " is also becoming viral. In the framework of the beautiful beaches of the Australian Gold Coast, a group of dogs participate in a joyful and energetic 3 minute-long video filmed during an excursion to a dog-friendly beach, a service offered by Malibu Dog Training for graduates in his off-leash program.

Like the original "Happy" video, "Happy Dogs" also features the guest appearance of famous four legged Youtube star, also known as The Skateboarding Cat, Didga. After being rescued, Didga is the protagonist of several videos on the CATMANTOO Channel. Robert Dollwet, the trainer behind Malibu Dog Training, not only loves cats, but also shows that they can be trained like other animals by using positive methods.

After being posted on May, the video has had over 4 million views and is guaranteed to help lift our mood and put a smile on our face, even when everyday news make it seem otherwise. So, "clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth".  Enjoy and be happy!

CosmoDoggyHealth: Laryngeal Paralysis, Barking And Breathing Problems

Bouvier Des Flandres

The respiratory system  ensures the adequate supply of oxygen to any tissue of the body and the elimination of carbon dioxide, whose accumulation is toxic to the cells. 
Laryngeal Paralysis is one of the most common health problems affecting the normal functions of the larynx, which opens during inspiration and closes while swallowing.
Breathing ensures the supply and carriage of the oxygen needed for the body's metabolism. It involves a group of organs known as the respiratory system. The larynx is an organ located in the neck, which is involved in breathing, the creation of one's voice, and the prevention of food entering the trachea and lungs where it might cause aspiration pneumonia.

The breathing process begins when the air enters the nasal cavities, is passed through the pharynx, a shared space between digestive and respiratory tract, and then enters the larynx.  
The vocal cords are situated in the larynx, where the coordinated work of the laryngeal muscles and nerves adjusts the vocal folds to produce different sounds, such as barking, howling, whining, whimpering, and growling. The unusual shape of the larynx of the Basenji cause this dog to make a strange yodeling noise called "barroo", instead of barking.
The larynx leads to the trachea, which first divides itself into a pair of tubes, the bronchi, and, once inside the lungs, bronchi split up into smaller tubes, the bronchioles. The final structure of the respiratory ducts are the alveoli, which are in close contact with the blood vessels, enabling the gaseous exchange between the air and the blood in the lungs.

Causes and Symptoms

By unknown causes, sometimes associated to genetics, age, and other neuromuscular diseases, degenerative changes occur in the nerves and muscles responsible for controlling the function of the larynx, leading to Laryngeal Paralysis. Instead of opening to allow adequate ventilation and closing to prevent food to enter the respiratory tract, the lumen remain in neutral position. 
As a result, changes in barking and breathing difficulties arise as main symptoms. Fading in a dog's barking, wheezing, panting, and coughing, especially while eating, exercising, or during heat conditions, are signs to consider a visit to the vet. 
Labrador Retriever

Laryngeal Paralysis could lead to more serious conditions such as hyperthermiaaspiration pneumonia, breathing distress, fainting, and edema. The latter consists of swelling of the laryngeal tissue which restricts the airflow into the lungs and requires prompt emergency treatment. When a dog is in breathing distress and not responding to emergency care, a surgical treatment among which tracheotomy could be an option.

Senior dogs and large breeds such as Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Dalmatian, Bouvier Des Flandres, Bull Terrier, Siberian Husky, St. Bernard, and Newfoundland are more susceptible to suffering from laryngeal paralysis.
Tips to help ease the problem
- Exercise your dog gently 
- Avoid humid or hot weather 
- Prevent your dog from getting excited or stressed 
- Keep your dog on a strict weight watch, obese pets have greater risk of suffering from respiratory problems
- Offer food that is easy to swallow
- Use a harness instead of collars 
- Consult your vet if you notice that your pet shows any of the symptoms described above
- Get immediate emergency help if there is major breathing distress

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